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• Homeopathy is a system of medicine that supports the body’s own healing mechanism; a genetic predisposition is common.
• Homeopathy is the perfect alternative to treat common ailments and improve immune system.
Piles affects people of all ages, but it most often starts in 30s. It’s important … Homeopathy is the only system of medicine through which one can get rid of this disease.
• The British Homeopathic Association advises that homeopathic remedies can be taken at the same time as any conventional medicines you need, rather than as an alternative to them, as homeopathy won’t interfere with them.
• Homeopathy is a complementary therapy that aims to treat illnesses with preparations called remedies, which are made from plants, minerals, metals, body fluids, insects and other materials. Homeopaths believe that the remedies stimulate the body’s own healing processes.
• Jhactions have a long tradition of 22 years. Jhactions is known for its quality products and also for maintaining global standards of manufacturing.

Constitutional homoeopathic care (with the guidance of an experienced well-trained homeopath) can help to improve a person’s general health on deeper levels and possibly reduce the tendency towards piles & Fissures. However, it involves careful study of every episode to evaluate the cause that might have precipitated the cause, the exact symptoms, and the factors that make the ailments worse or better.


Jhactions Homoeo was incorporated in 1993. It was started & natured by Dr. R. N. Jha and grew to become one of the leading manufacturer of quality homeopathic medicine in India. Thus, Jhactions have a long tradition of 22 years. Jhactions is known for its quality products and also for maintaining global standards of manufacturing.
The company has achieved tremendous success and posses a unique positioned in today’s competitive scenario. By constantly innovating and introducing newer variation, Jhactions always stays one step ahead of the rest.
Though a qualified homeopathic physians Dr. R.N. Jha has been concentrating more on manufacturing unit. It’s his administrative skill and vision combined with his knowledge in the field of homeopathy that made “Jhactions” name to recon with. Our corporate office and factory is located at Patna and enjoys a well-developed infrastructural amenity of the state, working day in and day out to maintain the standards as a promising industry and always thrilling for the best. The unit, comprises of improved infrastructure with approved norms & other accessories integral to quality enhancement, manufacture medicine under controlled conditions to ensure purity & efficacy of the medicine. All our efforts are a strong commitment towards ensuring safe and effective care for the sick by providing quality homeo medicines at nominal cost.

Jhactions® Specialties Products Range:

Jhactions specialties products are complex remedies which are specially formulated for the treatment of certain disease pattern, based on observations and experience derived from many decades of practice in natural healing. Our specialties range includes remedies for child asthma, bronchitis, Pneumonia, piles, gout, sciatica, mastitis, skin diseases, cardiac disorder, Alfa-Alfa Tonic, Baby-Tonic, Laxative Syrup, Sinus Remedy and many more…
All our products are well proven and very effective.

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